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Designing combination therapies with modeling chaperoned machine learning (2019)

Zhang, Y., Huynh, J., Liu, G., Ballweg, R., Aryeh, K., Paek, A., Zhang, T.​

PLOS Computational Biology. 10.1371

Hidden heterogeneity and circadian-controlled cell fate inferred from single cell lineages (2018) 

Chakrabarti, S.*, Paek, A. L.*, Reyes, J., Lasick, K. A., Lahav, G., & Michor, F. 

Nature communications, 9(1), 5372.

* These authors contributed equally

Drug-induced aneuploidy and polyploidy is a mechanism of disease relapse in MYC/BCL2-addicted diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (2018)

Islam, S., Paek, A. L., Hammer, M., Rangarajan, S., Ruijtenbeek, R., Cooke, L., … & Mahadevan, D. 


A dynamical framework for complex fractional killing (2017)

Ballweg, R., Paek A.L. and Tongli Zhang

Scientific Reports

Cell-to-cell variation in p53 dynamics leads to fractional killing (2016)

Paek A.L., Liu J.C., Loewer A., Forrester W.C. and Lahav G.

Cell 165: 631-642.

Draft Genome Sequence of the Ale-Fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strain GSY2239 (2015)

U’Ren, J. M., Wisecaver, J. H., Paek, A. L., Dunn, B. L., & Hurwitz, B. L. 

Genome announcements, 3(4).

DNA replication: failures and inverted fusions (2011)

Carr A.M., Paek A.L., Weinert T.

Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 22:866-874.

Choreography of the 9-1-1 checkpoint complex: DDK puts a check on the checkpoints (2010)

Paek A.L. and Weinert T

Molecular Cell. 40:505-506. 

Replication error amplified (2010)

Kaochar S., Paek A.L., Weinert T.

Science. 329:911-913.

The role of replication bypass pathways in dicentric chromosome formation in budding yeast (2010)

Paek A.L., Jones H., Kaochar S., Weinert T.

Genetics.  186:1161-1173.

Fusion of nearby inverted repeats by a replication-based mechanism leads to formation of dicentric and acentric chromosomes that cause genome instability in budding yeast (2009)

Paek A.L.*, Kaochar S.*, Jones H., Elezaby A., Shanks L., Weinert T.

Genes and Development. 23: 2861-2875.

* These authors contributed equally

The replication fork’s five degrees of freedom, their failure and genome rearrangements (2009)

Weinert T., Kaochar S., Jones H., Paek A., Clark A.J.

Current Opinion in Cell Biology. 21: 778-784.

Evolution of variants of yeast site-specific recombinase Flp that utilize native genomic sequences as recombination target sites (2006)

Bolusani S., Ma C.H., Paek A., Konieczka J.H., Jayaram M., Voziyanov Y.

Nucleic Acids Research. 34:5259-5269.

Mechanisms for Chromosome and Plasmid Segregation (2006)

Ghosh S.K., Hajra S., Paek A., Jayaram M.PLOS Computational Biology. 10.1371

Annual Review of Biochemistry.  75: 211-241.

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